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 Buying Tips

Real Estate Agent | Brisbane | Buying Tips

There are many factors to consider when buying a Brisbane home or property. If you are a first-time buyer, these tips can help you to make the optimal purchasing decision.

Do Your Research
Arm yourself with knowledge about: median property prices, the impact of interest rates, the average number of property searchers in that suburb versus the actual number of properties for sale. This will help you achieve confidence in not only your real estate agents’ recommendation, but your final purchase as well.

Location is Everything
Especially when it comes to buying property, location has a major impact on price and demand. Knowing what is important to you when purchasing a property – such as: public transport, shopping or entertainment hubs, schools, etc. – can help ensure you are selecting the optimal home to meet all of your needs as well as budget.

Think Outside the Trend
Windows of opportunity can sometimes best happen when you think outside of what everyone else is doing. Cooler marketing periods, alternate locations at the bottom of pricing cycles and quieter months all mean less competition and maybe even the diamond in the rough purchase.

Take Advice from Experts
Our experienced premium Brisbane real estate agents have access to the latest in marketing trends and news. We offer expert buying tips, and recommend the top strategy and action plan to meet your tailored needs and personalised budget.

Monitor Nearby Activity
If you know which area you are looking to buy in, take a close look at all the property listings nearby. Knowing how the market is doing can help you to make the smartest purchasing decision based on that neighbourhood.

Be a Smart Inspector
A seller is naturally going to stage their home to make sure it looks its absolute best when you view it. Knowing to look outside of all the glitz and glam at what might not be immediately obvious can help you in purchasing a home with the best value for your money.

If you are looking to purchase a Brisbane property, North South Real Estate can help you find your dream home. Call today to speak to one of our professional and highly experienced real estate agents.