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 Leasing Tips

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There are many great benefits to listing your property for lease. To help you get started, here are some of our expert leasing tips.

Landlord Responsibility

It’s a title that may not seem important, but it comes with many responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Alongside the benefits of listing your property for lease, there are some time-consuming factors involved. For example: staying on top of repairs and maintenance, collecting rent and increasing your home insurance. The good news, North South Real Estate’s executive team has years of experience in property management, which means we can take care of your property and all of its responsibilities for you.

Prepare Your Property

Any property for lease will need to be cleaned thoroughly prior to any tenants moving in. This includes making sure all appliances are serviced, working and up-to-date. Your real estate agent will take over the marketing of your property, ensuring all the strategically correct people are seeing your listing. Once interest is generated your real estate agent can organise show times/inspections, as well as manage all the applications to simplify your tenant selection to only the top applicants.

Trust in Experts

Alongside hiring an experienced real estate agent to manage your Brisbane property for lease, it is important to consult with other professionals for additional aspects of your lease. Such as, an accountant to help manage your rental income claims on tax returns, as well as a real estate attorney to help you navigate the landlord-tenant laws. Trusting in professionals to help you could save you time, money as well as ease your worries by knowing that everything is handled correctly from start to finish.

Carful Selection

Our real estate agent managing your property will assist in gathering references and credit history checks for any applying tenants, as well as screening each individual carefully in order to present you with only credible premium tenant choices. This is a vital process, as you need to be able to depend on these tenants to take care of your home as well as pay the rent on time.

There is huge potential in listing your property for lease, and these leasing tips are a great way to help you get started. North South Real Estate has an expert premium team of real estate agents that can completely manage your Brisbane property, taking all the stress out of becoming a landlord. We can help make this process easy and streamlined, giving you peace of mind in knowing that experienced property professionals are looking after your home and lease for you.