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Are you considering selling your home or property? No matter if you a first-time seller who’s deciding to put your property on the market, or getting ready to hold an inspection or open-home, North South Real Estate and our team of high experienced Brisbane real estate agents can help guide you through the process.

Making sure you get the most out of your investment is the goal, but unless you’re a real estate agent, selling your home is not something you do very often. This can make it difficult to know the correct approach, especially in an industry that is constantly changing.

North South Real Estate can make selling your home an efficient and streamlined process, one that gives you the results you want with none of the frustration. Plus, hiring one of agents to manage your Brisbane sale allows you access to services only a premium executive real estate agency can offer.

Here are our top selling tips and expert advice on selling your home or property.

Let the Right People Know
With our extensive database and years of experience we have access to exclusive marketing channels that allow us to specialise your home listing. This ensures that all the right people are seeing your listing.

Screening Potential Buyers
Considering that – for most – the sale of your home is one of the biggest financial transactions of their lifetime, it can make many extremely nervous and cautious. Trusting in your real estate agent to do the hard sale, and letting us do the work for you can mean the difference between success and settling.

Stay Positive
Selling a home takes time. It is unrealistic to go into this decision expecting a full-price offer on the first weekend of sale. There is a lot of preparation, planning and strategy that goes into the sale of a home, and it is important to trust in the process. Your real estate agent will keep you regularly updated and will closely work with you to ensure all your needs are met and your concerns are eased, but patience is a bit part of selling a home.

Optimising Value
Buyers do their research and they know the market, so it is important to correctly price your home. Our expert team can work with you to discuss the correct pricing for your home based on current market trends. North South Real Estate is dedicated to helping ensure that your price goals are met and the optimal return on your investment is achieved.

Expert Team
Knowing the ins-and-outs of the property market and having the years of experience to back it up can do wonders for your home sale! With access to premium relationships, technology and an impeccable eye for detail, our professional team of real estate agents can ensure every aspect of your property sale is handled with excellence.

Call today to discuss your Brisbane property sale with North South Real Estate’s team of executive real estate agents.