Domenico Bellino Principal / Director

Defined by Service and Expertise

Consistently exceeding his clients’ expectations for over 17 years, Domenico has achieved over $300 million in sales in his career and holds a number of records for multimillion-dollar property sales throughout Brisbane.

As a Director of North South Real Estate Brisbane and North South Executive Rentals, Domenico proactively motivates and mentors an outstanding and successful team, who are committed to providing impeccable service to their clients.

With a strong focus on inner city and prestige property sales and rentals, he is a confident and proven sales professional with an amazing ability to implement effective marketing strategies to achieve the best results possible. Domenico also leverages the strong relationships he has in the industry. Whether it’s working with renovators and stylists to improve aesthetics, or engaging a town planner to discuss property enhancement strategies, he is committed to maximising a property’s potential in order to add value.

His years of knowledge and experience combined with a tailored approach to tapping into a property’s potential has also resulted in Domenico selling some of Brisbane’s most esteemed residences with outstanding results. In fact he has achieved record sales prices for many of his clients’ properties – the highest attained over the asking price has been $800,000 on a property that sold for $9M!

Domenico possesses a high level of negotiation skills, is an exceptional communicator, and has an unparalleled reputation for service among his clients. His commitment to practicing real estate with integrity has also earned him a wealth of recognition throughout his career. With this approach comes trust, ensuring his clients have a greater chance of achieving a premium price for their property compared to his industry peers.

His experience, strategic skills, character and proven results ensure an unrivalled level of service and a result that will impress.

Highest sale price: $9,000,000

Over 350 properties sold

Over 17 years experience

308 Listings

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